It’s never easy leaving the comfort of your home and nobody knows it better than students who did just that in order to attend college. However, Erasmus students, who are spending just one or two semesters in a foreign country, most often feel as there’s simply no time for homesickness. 

Fear of leaving home for even a short amount of time is very common. However, once people decide that they are strong and brave enough, everything falls into the place and they indeed have a blissful time. Even though it was insanely hard leaving her pets in Poland, Erasmus student Adelina Olun says her only regret regarding Erasmus is the fact that she didn’t stay longer. She doesn’t want to sound rude to her hometown people, but she fell in love with Erasmus experience and that love is hard to compete with. Adelina is now back in Poland and she is “tremendously missing views, sea, crazy people and cheap wine” that she enjoyed in Dubrovnik. 

“Oh please,” said Latvian student Alvis Vilcāns, who’s also on Erasmus in Dubrovnik “It’s Kings Landing, there is no place for this weak crap here,” and therefore explained very briefly why homesickness is nonexistent in his life. Game of thrones taught him well, apparently. The only thing that he awfully misses is McDonald’s and kebab’s, which Dubrovnik has none. Besides, if he ever does have a moment of weakness, “the comfort,” he smiled “can always be found in good company”.


There are some strong character students, but of course, there are always two perspectives on everything. While most of Erasmus students are having too much fun to even find time to miss home, some of them are unfortunately (but not surprisingly) feeling homesick plenty of time. However, homesickness doesn’t necessarily go along with regret, it just makes things a little bit harder.


Girl from Latvia, Antra Prède is enjoying her stay in Croatia a lot, but love for her town and its citizens is sometimes too strong and is making her sad. “The hardest part,” sadly she says, “is leaving.” After that difficult move, things should become easier. Later when she met people and saw the beauty of her new place, she knew it was the right decision to go on Erasmus despite everything.

“This is a great opportunity to be independent. Nowadays technologies give you the possibility to call your family and friends and to see them online whenever you want,” states Antra who managed to look at this from a positive side. Also, one semester of missing home is a fair price to pay for memories that will probably last for a lifetime. Not every student gets the chance to experience that, so everybody who got it should appreciate it. 

“Try to find something that will distract you from feeling homesick. It can be studies, friends, new hobbies…”

Sitora Okhunova from Uzbekistan also had a tough beginning but after some time, everything became “so very perfect,” as she described. She missed food and her family a lot but Sitora found some great friends in Croatia and whenever she got sad, they pulled her out of that sadness.

“Try to find something that will distract you from feeling homesick. It can be studies, friends, new hobbies…”, she suggested to put emphasis on friends, as they are the ones who have the ability to help you and make you feel loved and peaceful, which is everything that one needs. 


It’s difficult not having your mom with you to cook you lunch, or not being able to see your best friend every day. It’s sad to not be able to walk the streets you know even with your eyes closed and not having your favorite bartender bringing you your drink without even asking, while you sit at your favorite table by the window.

All of that, however, is not a good enough reason to miss out on an amazing experience that Erasmus is offering. It’s just one year, one that you can talk about for the rest of your life – and trust me, you’ll want to. It’s scary being on your own, but it’s also amazing. You are a young student far away from home where no one you know can see you, and therefore stop you to do whatever you feel like doing. It can be the most free, adventurous and fun year ever if you just dare to allow yourself to be brave. It’s really worth it. As Paulo Coelho said: “ Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”