Photo: Filip Kos/PIXSELL

Can you imagine being carefree, sitting in an armchair, watching a movie, eating popcorn, drinking your favorite drink and, on top off all that, learning Croatian or English for very little money? Grace Burd, a French public relations student, can imagine it very well. 

“With the Croatian subtitles I sometimes try to guess the meaning of the word with the English version”, explains Grace. 

It’s time for cultural activity

Statistics from Morgan Research Centres shows that cinema attendance is most popular among people ages 14-24, but the frequency of visits has been in steady decline for over a decade. The main reason for this is watching movies at home or lacking money and time. But, this can not besaid for Zagreb. Students in Zagreb always find time for a bit of relaxation as they go to the cinema. There are a lot of reasons why students go to the cinema, and one of them is, of course, the cheap price. 

“In France when you have a student discount you’ll pay around 8€ (a regular ticket is 12 or 13)”, explains Grace. “And here in Zagreb one regular ticket is around 50 to 55 kn, so with the discount, it’s even cheaper.” 

Dilan Polat, a Turkish student of political sciences, confirms it by saying that in Turkey the tickets are more expensive, by about 20 percent and with the student discount here, she has paid for one ticket 35 kn. 

Loyalty card benefits

On Wednesdays, you can have the convenience of buying cheaper tickets because they have a special offer called “Cinestar srijeda” (Cinestar Wednesday). But with the student loyalty card, you can get affordable tickets any day. 

If you were wondering how you could get a student discount for the cinema, it is actually very simple. You just have to fill in and submit the application form, present your X card with a valid identification document, and pay a one-time payment of 9 kn. The card is active from 1st October this year until 30th September next year. After that, you would need to extend it with the X card and the ID. 

Photo: Josip Regović/PIXSELL

Cinema staff says that every other transaction is a student transaction; it’s not surprising, because you can collect index points and in exchange for them you can get a free student menu or a movie ticket. For example, if you buy one ticket or a student menu (medium popcorn + non-alcoholic drink 0,5L) with your student card, you can get 1 index point. When you collect 10, 20 or 30 points, you can replace the collected index points for one ticket of your choosing, a student menu or even both. 

Abundance of opportunities

“Cinema halls are very comfortable and I like the organization of rows”, emphasizes Nayem Khan from India while eating a big box of salty popcorn. 

Grace says that the halls are a little bit smaller than those in Paris, but also way more comfortable. According to students, cinemas have a lot to offer, but there is at least one more thing to mention – the language. Since the movies in France are mostly synchronized, Grace was surprised to see that in Croatia it is not so.

“It’s a really nice experience considering that most of the movies here are in English with Croatian subtitles”, she says. “So that is really cool because even if you don’t speak Croatian you can enjoy a movie.” 

But if you have good will and a little more concentration even in the cinema, then that is a great opportunity to learn some Croatian words. 

“It’s especially easy for Slavic people to learn like that because they already have some kind of base for it”, explains Dilan. 

Author: Gabriela Sliško