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When it comes to healthy food, students are vulnerable group because their diet is mostly reduced to canteen and fast food restaurants. Poor culinary skills and lack of time, money or space for testing recipes can lead to weight gain, pimples, tiredness and often unhealthy habits that cannot be eliminated even after getting a degree. 

A small number of students have an option of eating at restaurants or preparing meals that require expensive ingredients. But if you are willing to eat more nutritious food, you can also move away from sandwiches with sliced meat and cheese. After just about 15 minutes of effort and you and your roommate will have a delicious meal served on the table. 

Marta, a 23-year-old student, is actively involved in fitness. Since she lives at student dorm, she also eats in student restaurant. “Food is often full of fat and overcooked there”, she says. That’s why she usually prepares dinner by herself. “My favorite post-workout meal is pasta salad with tuna,” continues Marta. “In my room I always have pasta, canned tuna and corn. It is easy to make it and has a great source of protein”. Sometimes when she is extra lazy, she buys eggs on her way home. They can be prepared in different ways and because of their protein content, they are a great replacement for whey which she should drink after her exercise. “Natural is always better”, concludes Marta. 

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Mihaela, a second-year student from Northern Croatia, lives in the apartment and doesn’t go so often at canteen. She prefers to cook something with a help of her roommate rather than waiting for her turn at student restaurant. “We usually make rice with chicken,” says Mihaela. “I only need chicken breasts, 2 cups of rice and a little bit of olive oil”. Every time she combines it with other vegetables so she wouldn’t get bored of it. Besides rice, she often prepares Mexican tortillas which are an excellent choice for foreign students who miss international cuisine. Everything you need you can find in the store and it won’t cost you a fortune – canned beans, corn, fresh tomatoes, peppers, onion, chicken. “You wrap your mixture in a tortilla and voilà,” says Mihaela. “That’s also a great ‘meal to go’ if you’re in a hurry.” 

Patrick, who’s been a vegetarian for 5 years, says that his favorite home-made meal is vegetable stew. He usually buys vegetables at Dolac market. “It’s great you can haggle for the price too,” says Patrick. “After nice small talk with market ladies, you end up carrying a big bag of organically grown products”. 

Using onions, leek, garlic, carrots, peppers and potatoes makes this meal unbeatable combination. “The more vegetables you mix, the stew will be more delicious”, says student. 

Whether you like cooking or simply you’re trying to avoid greasy food at canteen, these recipes are easy to make it and don’t take much money and time. Cooking skill is always wanted and is a good quality when searching a partner. Magazines show that women who know how to cook are more likely to be seen as good future wives. On the other hand, men with cooking skills are among the sexiest ones. Magazines do not always tell us the truth, but again, why risk it? 

Author: Ivana Matkov